How to Prescribe SmartVest Therapy

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The SmartVest HFCWO Vest

Deciding to introduce high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy into your patient’s bronchiectasis treatment plan is the first step toward providing a lifetime airway clearance solution for each individual chronic lung condition. Getting the right respiratory vest in the hands of your patients is easier than you may think!

At Electromed, we strive to simplify the prescription process for The SmartVest Airway Clearance System, so your healthcare team can focus on what matters most – patient care.

How to Prescribe SmartVest

Here is a helpful guide to assist you and your healthcare team in completing the prescription process, under the new CMS wavier:

Step 1: Download a Prescription Form to Begin the Process

It’s really that easy! As a prescriber, simply download the following prescription form to get started: 

Prescribing a smartvest

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A SmartVest Prescription and Certificate of Medical Necessity Form

Once you’ve successfully completed the prescription form, simply fax the prescription with a patient face sheet to 866-758-5077 or utilize our e-prescribe options. This will allow you to submit prescriptions securely and simply to Electromed.

how to prescribe SmartVest with GoScripts

How-to Guide: E-Prescribe with GoScripts

To e-prescribe via DocuSign, contact your Electromed customer support liaison or call us at 800.462.1045.

Once the prescription is received, an Electromed customer support liaison will serve as your primary point of contact to coordinate the specific forms and medical documentation your patient’s health plan requires for the SmartVest.

We Will Take Care of the Rest!

Once we’ve received the patient face sheet and SmartVest prescription form, your patient will need to complete an agreement and consent form. This allows our support team to effectively coordinate reimbursement for SmartVest on the patient’s behalf.

Top 5 FAQs Prescribers Have About SmartVest


Follow the Smartvest Journey
Download our Infographic to Learn About the Patient’s Journey in Receiving Their SmartVest

Q: Will I Need to Meet with My Patient to Prescribe SmartVest?

A: Under the new CMS wavier, all face-to-face requirements for prescribing a SmartVest HFCWO therapy vest are waved. Clinicians can now meet with patients virtually using TeleHealth services.

Q: When Will My Patients Receive Their SmartVest?

A: When Electromed receives the prescription forms, the patient can expect a call in 1-2 days from a dedicated Patient Care Team Member to confirm their information, walk through the reimbursement process, and choose vest and generator colors. Learn more about the shipment process. See the SmartVest Journey.

Q: What If My Patients Need Help Using Their SmartVest?

A: Once your patients receive their SmartVest, a licensed medical professional will contact them to schedule training and answer any questions. Patients also receive ongoing technical and warranty support throughout the lifespan of their respiratory vest and may contact our team of respiratory therapists with questions 365 days a year!

Q: Do Most Insurance Companies Cover SmartVest?

A: The SmartVest Airway Clearance System is covered by private insurance, Medicare, state medical assistance—a combination of all three—or the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

To learn more about these insurance requirements, especially how they relate to bronchiectasis patients, read our understanding insurance requirements and reimbursement guidelines. We’ll work with you on any additional requirements that may be needed, like:

Patients living with bronchiectasis require documentation of HRCT, symptoms, and a failure of standard treatments

Q: How Can I Track My Patient’s Therapy Sessions?

A: In addition to enhancing your patient’s airway clearance therapy via SmartVest, we are pleased to offer SmartVest SQL with wireless technology. Through the SmartVest Connect online portal, patients can actively track and monitor therapy sessions, set personalized notifications, and long-term goals, in conjunction with their bronchiectasis management. SmartVest Connect allows both the patient and clinician to digitally collaborate and stay connected with HFCWO therapy!

To learn more about how to setup your patients with SmartVest Connect, contact us today!

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