A Smart Way to Stay Connected to Your HFCWO Therapy

Discover the latest SmartVest innovation by Electromed. Track your HFCWO therapy sessions and monitor your airway clearance activity using easy-to-read goal reports from your smartphone, desktop, or tablet device.

Simplistic Design Meets Innovative Features

Built-in cellular connectivity combines with real-time data to encourage patients to actively monitor therapy performance at home or on the go with quick, easy-to-use wireless features.

Log Sessions

Stay on target with your HFCWO treatment plan with automatic updates to your therapy sessions right from your smartphone.

Track Performance

Track performance goals and compare therapy sessions in real time.

Monitor Score

Receive a daily SmartVest Score and use emoticons to rate how you are feeling after each session.

Activate Anywhere

Treatment information is automatically updated to SmartVest Connect, allowing easy access at home or on-the-go.

Why are Clinicians Choosing SmartVest Connect?

Patient Collaboration

Patients and clinicians can easily share notes, track progress, and collaborate on treatment decisions.

Proactive Engagement

Easy-to-read goal reports provide an in-depth look at performance to help patients monitor their therapy and take a proactive approach to treatment.

Secure and Effective

Clinicians can easily monitor patient progress and are alerted to patients that may need extra support. SmartVest Connect ensures that encrypted data is uploaded and stored securely.

> Getting started with SmartVest Connect is simple. Download SmartVest prescription forms for your doctor and let your clinician know you’re ready to connect!

How Does SmartVest Connect Improve HFCWO Therapy?

Patient Support

After an in-home training session of your SmartVest Airway Clearance System, your designated patient care team member sets up your patient portal.

Easy Activation

Once your portal is created, you can begin tracking therapy progress by simply plugging in your SmartVest SQL generator.

Personalized Therapy

Following each session, you’ll receive therapy feedback and be able to easily collaborate with your healthcare team on your treatment plan.

Get Proactive with your HFCWO Therapy

After you’re prescribed a SmartVest Airway Clearance System, your Electromed patient care team member will help create your SmartVest Connect account. From there, you can track your SmartVest therapy from anywhere. To learn more, contact Electromed at 800.462.1045.