An older SmartVest patient performs his HFCWO therapy as he's completing a crossword puzzle.
An older SmartVest patient performs his HFCWO therapy as he's completing a crossword puzzle.
Improve Lung Function

Meet the Smart Solution for Airway Clearance

SmartVest is an airway clearance vest engineered with innovations designed to make HFCWO therapy easier and more comfortable.

Latest Updates

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    06/27/2019 Press Release

    First-Of-Its-Kind Independent Study

    Study finds SmartVest reduces exacerbations, antibiotic use, and stabilizes lung function as part of a treatment algorithm.

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    04/24/2019 Video

    Who is Electromed?

    Who are the makers of the SmartVest? Take a look inside Electromed, Inc. in New Prague, Minnesota to learn more about who we are and our focus on always putting the needs of each patient first.

SmartVest Connect user interface displayed on computer screen and smartphone
Make a Smart Connection

Track Your Therapy with SmartVest Connect

It’s easy to track your vest therapy performance with SmartVest SQL and SmartVest Connect wireless technology. This user-friendly online portal makes it easy for you and your healthcare team to collaborate in treatment decisions.

Stop the Cycle

What is Bronchiectasis?

Bronchiectasis (brong-kee-EK-tuh-sis) is an irreversible, chronic condition where airways in your lungs (bronchi) become damaged and abnormally widened, which is caused by recurring inflammation and/or infection.

Your physician may have diagnosed you as having COPD.

As your airways are repeatedly damaged, your lungs slowly lose their ability to mobilize and clear mucus. This makes it easier for bacteria to infect your lungs. Each recurring infection causes more damage to your airways, which over time impairs their ability to move air in and out.

    A pediatric SmartVest Airway Clearance System patient plays video games and relaxes while using his SmartVest.
    Designed to Make Therapy Easy

    How Does SmartVest Work?

    Get an inside perspective on how SmartVest supports your body’s natural processes through a comfortable and easy-to-use vest therapy.