SmartVest Airway Clearance System
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SmartVest: A Smart Solution for Airway Clearance

Get back to living each day to its fullest potential with HFCWO therapy. The SmartVest Airway Clearance System is designed to provide effective bronchiectasis and COPD symptom relief and help you get back to breathing easier and enjoying life’s special moments.

"My husband has bronchiectasis and has been using the SmartVest for years. I truly believe it has saved his life." -Miriam

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A pediatric SmartVest Airway Clearance System patient plays video games and relaxes while using his SmartVest.

Why You Will Love Using SmartVest

Through 25 years of product development and customer support, our respiratory vest and dedicated team have helped people with impaired airway clearance live life to its fullest potential. Founded and made in our home state of Minnesota, our comfortable, easy-to-use HFCWO therapy system will help you reclaim your independence and start living the life you were meant to enjoy with those you love.

“I have used my SmartVest for 10 years and it has helped me get to age 87.” -Jo Allison

What is Bronchiectasis?

Bronchiectasis (brong-kee-EK-tuh-sis) is an irreversible, chronic lung condition where a person’s airways become damaged and abnormally widened from recurring inflammation and/or infection.

Bronchiectasis shares many similarities with COPD, so it’s important to understand its signs and symptoms to ensure you receive an airway clearance treatment that works to improve your quality of life, one breath at a time.

“SmartVest has changed my life for the better!” -Carolyn 

    SmartVest SQL with SmartVest Connect wireless technology makes it easy to track therapy

    SmartVest Therapy.
    Your Way.

    With SmartVest Connect, managing your bronchiectasis symptoms doesn’t have to slow down your lifestyle. Track performance goals and manage your therapy through any smart device while at home or on the go.  

    With SmartVest Connect, you’ll never miss a beat. 

    “Allowing your care team to see how you use SmartVest helps make better treatment decisions.-Jennifer Treadwell, CPNP