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How to

E-Prescribe the SmartVest with GoScripts

This reference guide is intended for physicians and authorized staff members who want details about sending a SmartVest order electronically via GoScripts.™

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Step 1:

Sign in to GoScripts

  1. Go to https://app.goscripts.com/.
  2. Enter your credentials.

You can use the GoScripts Smart Order catalog to electronically submit a detailed written order to your chosen DME.

Smart Order catalog items require you to answer qualifying questions. The helps improve efficiency by ensuring that you enter all payor-required information before submitting the order.

GoScripts login

Step 2:

Select “Patient Charts”

  1. On the Main Menu Page, click Patient Charts.
  2. On the Patient Charts page:
    • For existing patients, type the patient’s last name in the Search field and click Order next to the desired patient in the search results.
    • For new patients, click Add New Patient, enter the patient information and click Add and Place Order.
  3. If you are an authorized staff member, select the ordering physician.
  4. Select the practice location.
  5. Click D.M.E.

Add new patient button on GoScripts

Step 3:

Select “SmartVest”

  1. Search “Airway Clearance System” in the product search box, select it from the drop-down, and on the product list click ‘add to order’ next to SmartVest. This will open the order form.
  2. Fill out the order form as follows:
    • Fields in red are required fields.
    • Notate medical history, tried and failed, prescription settings, and diagnosis.
    • Click Update Order at the bottom of the screen.

The DME Item Catalog page within GoScripts

Step 4:

Review and Submit

  1. Review and confirm your order details are correct. Click Process Order when ready to submit.
  2. Search “SmartVest” in the search field when prompted for available DME Suppliers.
  3. Click “Select” beside your preferred supplier.
  4. On the Order Checkout page, review the patient information and enter any special instructions for the DME.
    NOTE: Adjust the Order Date if needed.
  5. Click Complete Order.
  6. If you are an authorized staff member, request the physician’s authentication (signature) as follows:
    • If the ordering physician is available, ask the physician to enter their password and click Sign Order. GoScripts will immediately send the signed order the applicable DME supplier.
    • If the ordering physician is unavailable, click Mark as Validated. At a later time, the ordering physician can sign into GoScripts to sign the order.

Airway clearance system order information in GoScripts


Attach Documents

Attach supporting documents to the GoScripts referral order (e.g. physician notes, face-to-face documentation, x-rays, testing, etc.) as follows:

  • Upload a file: Click Attach Document. You can upload the following file types: .OSA, .tif, .tiff, .gif, PDF, .text, or .docx files.
  • Copy and paste: If your HER does not allow you to export files to your desktop, you can click Add Chart Notes to copy and paste the document information to your GoScripts order. The pasted information appears on the second page of the printed order.



Create a PDF

Click Print to generate a PDF version of the order.

Questions? Contact SmartVest at 800.462.1045

Attach Document and Add Chart Notes highlighted within GoScripts