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Meet the Electromed Team

Respiratory care therapist holding a stethoscope.
Oct 22, 2023
Respiratory Care Week 2023

Respiratory Care Week is an annual event that recognizes the essential work and dedication of respiratory care professionals around the globe—from clinicians and pulmonologists to nurses, respiratory therapists (RTs), and home caregivers.  This year, respiratory care week runs from October 22 through the 28th, 2023. Coinciding with this event is Healthy Lung Month, which—as you […]

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Meet Mike and Lori at Electromed.
Oct 27, 2021
Meet Your Electromed Patient Care Advocates

Providing patients with lifetime support for a chronic lung condition is just one of the many responsibilities we take close to heart. In fact, even before you begin your SmartVest journey, you’ll receive product support and education. We do this to ensure that both you and your healthcare team feel confident adding The SmartVest Airway […]

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A couple looks through a patient packet together
Nov 05, 2020
5 Commonly Asked Questions About Getting a SmartVest

Beginning a new journey on your path to airway clearance can stir up many questions: how much will my therapy cost? Will my insurance cover it? Does this product really work? When can I start feeling relief from my chronic symptoms?  At Electromed, our team is here to address your concerns, answer your questions, and […]

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Susan Kasendorf, SmartVest Customer Support Liaison.
Oct 06, 2019
Meet Your Electromed Team: Susan Kasendorf, Customer Support Liaison

At Electromed, we focus on helping patients improve their bronchiectasis-related symptoms, so they can get back to living well and enjoying all of life’s best moments. As we help patients manage their respiratory health, we also support clinicians and their teams throughout the entire prescription process.  When healthcare providers are ready to prescribe an effective […]

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Leslie Carpenter, SmartVest Patient Trainer.
Jul 24, 2019
Meet Leslie Carpenter, CRT, SmartVest Patient Trainer

From our reimbursement and product support teams to our dedicated patient trainers, every individual at Electromed shares one universal goal: to help you breathe better, stay healthier, and lead a more active and fulfilling life. With more than 39 years as a respiratory therapist, Leslie Carpenter brings excellent experience to Electromed as a patient trainer. […]

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Graphic icons of Electromed team members.
May 10, 2019
Meet Your Electromed Team: Get to Know Steve Schickman, RRT

At Electromed, each member of our team works diligently to help individuals, like you, find support and compassion, as you take the first step in your SmartVest journey. Beginning a new treatment plan is both exciting and overwhelming. You’re likely ready to start enjoying relief from chronic cough, respiratory infections, and fatigue, but may have […]

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