More Release. Less Squeeze. Proven Outcomes.

ENGINEERED FOR COMFORT SmartVest squeezes less because it releases more air between compressions than other vests.1 And pressure release leads to a more comfortable therapy.

As a result, people who use SmartVest are more likely to adhere to their therapy plan, which in turn gets them the best results possible so they can breathe easier.

Red SmartVest device and the SmartVest generator

More Breathing Room,™ SmartVest by the Numbers

By releasing more air, SmartVest makes breathing feel easier during therapy.1

A couple drinks coffee together in a porch room while the husband uses his SmartVest

SmartVest statistical infographic

Last year I had four hospitalizations. I got my SmartVest towards the end of last year. Not only am I much more comfortable, but I haven’t been in the hospital at all this year.

What is Airway Clearance?

Not sure what airway clearance is?

Download our helpful infographic that explains the benefits of high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy.

Airway Clearance 101

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Learn how SmartVest helps reduce the cycle of chronic respiratory inflammation and infection and could improve your quality of life, with proven outcomes and patient comfort in mind.

Request a SmartVest informational packet below to bring to your next appointment. You can also schedule a time to chat with our Patient Care Advocates, who are also Respiratory Therapists, to discuss your options and see if SmartVest is the right fit for you, or call them directly at 1.855.528.5690.


  1. Pokorney J. Comparison of Oscillatory Trough Pressure Generated by High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) Systems: A White Paper.