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For HFCWO Therapy

The SmartVest Airway Clearance System is the only high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy device on the market with published outcome studies demonstrating its effectiveness in treating bronchiectasis and stabilizing lung function.1-3

If you or your loved one is living with bronchiectasis—a chronic pulmonary condition that permanently damages the airways, causing repeated respiratory infections and difficulty breathing—experience the SmartVest difference and get back to life’s most important moments.

Why Choose SmartVest for HFCWO Therapy?

HFCWO therapy is an airway clearance treatment used to loosen, thin, and mobilize airway secretions to prevent the onset of inflammation and recurring respiratory infections that can further damage airways.

See How SmartVest Works

Recent clinical studies confirm that by
using SmartVest, patients experienced a reduction in:

• Bronchiectasis-Related Exacerbations
• Hospitalizations
• Antibiotic Regimens
• Emergency Department Visits1-3

Other vest therapy brands on the market just can’t say the same. Request your SmartVest informational packet today and take the first step to living well with effective therapy.

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Your Choice of HFCWO Therapy Can Make All the Difference!

Lifetime Support

From the start of your SmartVest journey, you receive a dedicated Patient Care Team Member to simplify your prescription process, manage your respiratory vest delivery, and provide reimbursement support, so you can begin therapy in the comfort of your home and enjoy the following lifetime benefits:

  • Support Person
  • Calendar
  • Finance Symbol
  • Product Support

    A lifetime warranty on your SmartVest system.

  • Patient Support

    Respiratory therapists available 365 days a year to answer your questions.

  • Financial Support

    Financial assistance programs to help you or a loved one receive SmartVest therapy, regardless of your financial situation.

Experience in HFCWO Therapy Design

Through 25 years of product research, development, and manufacturing, our respiratory vest has helped people with impaired airway clearance live life to its fullest potential. Founded and distributed in our home state of Minnesota, SmartVest offers more than two decades of demonstrated results, customer support, and new advances in airway clearance technology.

Other SmartVest benefits include:

  • Wireless

    Wireless Capabilities
    to Streamline

  • Proven


  • Quiet

    Overall the
    Quietest HFCWO

  • Light as a feather

    SmartVest Garmen

  • portable


Proven Outcomes in Treating Bronchiectasis

In a first-of-its-kind, independent study, analyzing the effectiveness of HFCWO therapy as part of a treatment algorithm, early initiation of SmartVest proved effective in significantly reducing hospitalizations and stabilized key lung function parameters.1

Proven Effective
Read the full Study

Simply Smarter HFCWO Therapy

There are many HFCWO devices you can choose from, but only SmartVest has the support, experience, and proven outcomes to help you enjoy life’s important moments - one breath at a time.

SmartVest Vs. The Competition

SmartVest® is a registered trademark of Electromed, Inc.
The Vest®is a registered trademark of Hill-Rom Services PTE Ltd.
inCourage® is a registered trademark of Respiratory Technologies, Inc.
AffloVest® is a registered trademark of International Biophysics Corporation.

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