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A Simple Solution for Reducing Hospital Admissions

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A Valued Partner in Your Patient’s HFCWO Therapy

Improve your hospital’s continuum of care program and discharge patients with confidence.

Electromed’s SmartVest Airway Clearance System’ clinical support team ensures that your patients receive all training, care follow-ups, and lifetime support.

We help ensure patients experience a smooth care transition from hospital to home with effective HFCWO therapy that has been shown to improve patient outcomes.1, 2

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The Overlap of COPD and Bronchiectasis

One in five patients hospitalized for an exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) will require rehospitalization within 30 days.3

Of the 11 million patients living with COPD, approximately half may experience comorbid bronchiectasis.4

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Reduce Exacerbations with SmartVest

SmartVest is clinically proven to reduce bronchiectasis-related exacerbations and help stabilize lung function, keeping your patients at home with an effective care treatment plan.1

SmartVest is HFCWO therapy, which works by delivering repeated pulses of air that gently squeeze and release the chest wall to help thin and loosen mucus from the lungs, reducing the onset of pulmonary infections that require hospitalization.

The Benefits of SmartVest for Patients

The Benefits of SmartVest for Practitioners

  • Streamlined Continuum of Care Process

    Electromed works with your patients by first providing personalized training from a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) on using their SmartVest system, which is shipped directly to their homes upon discharge.

  • HFCWO Therapy Training Support and Wellness Checks

    Along with a support team ready to answer technical or therapy questions 365 days a year, your patients will have a dedicated Patient Care Team Member who will follow up on therapy progress.

  • Minimize Costly Readmission Penalties

    With lifetime support of their SmartVest, patients can perform therapy independently at home, helping to keep them on track with their treatment and stay out of the hospital.

Facing financial pressure to reduce COPD readmissions?

Electromed can work with your team to support your comprehensive care management program to reduce pulmonary readmissions while improving patient quality of care.

Breathing Easier and Living Better

Since using SmartVest, I haven't been in the hospital at all. It's a miracle.

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Proven Outcomes in Treating Bronchiectasis

A first-of-its-kind independent study analyzed the effectiveness of HFCWO therapy as part of a treatment algorithm.

It demonstrated that early initiation of SmartVest proved effective in significantly reducing hospitalizations and stabilized key lung function parameters.1

Reduce Costs with SmartVest and Keep Patients on Track with HFCWO Therapy

Contact our team today to learn how we can help support your continuum of care program to reduce hospital readmissions, improve patient outcomes, and achieve meaningful cost savings.2,5


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