Fitting the SmartVest Garment

Making a Perfect Fit

Because the air pulses are delivered to the chest through your vest, it is very important that the vest fit correctly.

Wear a single and light layer of clothing, such as a t-shirt or blouse.

The front closure should be adjusted so the SmartVest fits snuggly, but not to the point where it restricts breathing. Adjust the shoulder straps.

The bottom of your vest should be at your waist, or slightly below it. It should also be high enough so that it does not fold at your lap while you are sitting. If it is adjusted too loosely, the vest will expand more than is necessary and pulsations may be less effective.

Should the front closure of your vest tend to open during treatment, you can prevent this by opening the small strap, lacing it through the D-ring, and securing it with the Velcro-like closure.

If you are experiencing tenderness from a new g-tube or external central catheter, our Product Support team can provide you with a foam pad to make your treatment more comfortable.

Once fitted, connect the hose to your vest. Note that either end of the hose can be connected to the vest, so don’t worry about which end you choose. Twist slightly to tighten the connection.

Vests are sized according to the user’s personal measurements. If after following instructions you still find the fit incorrect, our Product Support team is available seven days a week to answer your questions.