Troubleshooting Your SmartVest Airway Clearance System

SmartVest is an effective airway clearance vest designed to make HFCWO therapy easier and more comfortable for patients dealing with bronchiectasis, COPD, and other impaired breathing conditions. However, if you think your SmartVest system isn’t working properly, try these simple troubleshooting steps:

  • Check that your airway clearance vest is in the “on” position. The power indicator light will illuminate adjacent to the return home button.
  • If the power switch is already turned on, your airway clearance device may be in sleep mode. Press any button on the front panel to see if it turns on.
  • If your device is not in sleep mode, check that the power cord is firmly connected to the generator and to the wall outlet. Also, confirm that the wall outlet has power.

If these troubleshooting efforts do not restore the performance of your airway clearance system, it’s possible that the generator may need a replacement filter or a new fuse. Only an authorized Electromed technician may perform repairs to your device, unless you are replacing a filter or blown fuse. For replacement filters and fuses, contact product support and follow these steps:

How to Replace the Filter in Your SmartVest Airway Clearance System:

  1. Begin by turning off the airway clearance vest and removing its power cord.
  2. Remove the filter access door on the bottom of the device. To do this, loosen the screws and pull up on the access door.
  3. Carefully remove the filter.
  4. Install a new filter.
  5. Replace the access door and tighten the screws.

How to Replace A Fuse in Your SmartVest Airway Clearance System:

  1. Turn off your airway clearance device and remove its power cord.
  2. The unit’s two fuses are located adjacent to the power cord receptacle.
  3. Use a small tool to push the side tabs in, allowing the fuse drawer to slide out.
  4. Remove the fuses from their holder and replace them according to the procedures outlined in your SmartVest instruction manual.

Routine preventative maintenance of your airway clearance device requires filter replacement every six months, or after 200 hours of use. The SQL system will notify you when you’ve reached 200 hours.

After you have changed the filter, press the “set” button to reset to 200. If you do not intend to change the filter, press the blue diamond, and it will notify you the next time the system is powered up.

For more detailed instructions on troubleshooting SmartVest, check out this helpful video or read page 23 of your SmartVest SQL and SQL-W Airway Clearance System instruction manual.