SmartVest Journey Part I: Ordering a SmartVest Airway Clearance System

Starting the SmartVest Journey, ordering a SmartVestIs a chronic lung condition, like bronchiectasis, keeping you from living independently, spending time with your grandchildren, or doing the everyday activities you enjoy? Knowing how to talk to your doctor about your symptoms is the first step in your SmartVest journey so you can start feeling relief.

In part one of this two-part series, we’ll walk you through the following steps:

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Starting the Conversation – Request a Patient Packet

The first stop on your SmartVest journey is learning how to treat your chronic lung condition. Request a patient packet by filling out an online request form, and a SmartVest informational packet will be mailed directly to your home. Once you receive your packet, you can schedule an appointment with your doctor to easily share this information.

With your packet in hand, you may find it easier to start a conversation with your doctor about the effectiveness of HFCWO therapy, via the SmartVest Airway Clearance System, in treating bronchiectasis and other lung conditions, like COPD.


A diagram of lungs in a torsoRequest a HRCT Scan

In a previous blog post, we discussed why HRCT scans are highly recommended for diagnosing bronchiectasis. HRCT scans help clinicians examine the lungs’ structure with greater accuracy by creating a 3D image to assess and identify damage due to inflammation and recurring infections.

If you think you’re living with bronchiectasis, ask your doctor about a HRCT scan to accurately diagnose this condition.


SmartVest Journey: Ordering a SmartVestGetting a Prescription for the SmartVest Airway Clearance System

If you receive a confirmed bronchiectasis diagnosis, ask your doctor about prescribing the SmartVest Airway Clearance System. This is where your informational patient packet comes in handy! A prescription form is provided within the packet, which your doctor will fax to Electromed (866-758-5077).


Choose your vest colorMeeting Your Dedicated Patient Care Team Member

Once Electromed receives your prescription, you will be assigned a dedicated patient care team member to guide you through the process of getting your SmartVest. Within 1-2 days, your patient care team member will call you to review your contact and medical information, answer any questions you may have about the insurance process, and will coordinate reimbursement for SmartVest on your behalf. During this time, you can choose which size and color of your respiratory vest you’d like to complement your style!

For information on our reimbursement process, visit our website to learn more.


In part two of this series, we’ll discuss what to expect once your respiratory vest is shipped and you’re ready to begin bronchiectasis treatment. For questions along your journey, Electromed’s patient care team is here to help. Contact us today for more information!