Questions about Bronchiectasis? Ask a Pulmonologist.

Ask A PulmonologistDr. Frederic Seifer has helped diagnose and treat numerous patients living with chronic lung diseases, such as bronchiectasis. For more than two decades, his dedication to helping patients find effective airway clearance treatments to manage their symptoms has made him a leading expert in the study of bronchiectasis.  

To help individuals better understand bronchiectasis and how best to combat its symptoms, Electromed has released the “Ask a Pulmonologist” video series featuring Dr. Seifer. Each video focuses on a bronchiectasis-related question to help increase its awareness and encourage discussion between patients and their physicians.


Video #1: Why is Bronchiectasis Overlooked?

In this introductory video, Dr. Seifer explains why patients experiencing bronchiectasis-related symptoms are often misdiagnosed. While in medical school, physicians receive limited education on this chronic condition. Therefore, if physicians are unaware of the disease, it becomes even more difficult to make a proper diagnosis.




Video #2: Why is Bronchiectasis Awareness Important?

Just as some individuals are unaware of the symptoms of bronchiectasis, prescribing an effective airway clearance treatment also remains a grey area. In this video, Dr. Seifer discusses how effective bronchiectasis treatment may lead to a reduction in antibiotics and trips to the emergency room.




Video #3: Could a Person have Bronchiectasis and COPD?

Although both conditions share similar symptoms, bronchiectasis and COPD require a separate diagnosis and treatment. Throughout this video, Dr. Seifer explains why it’s common to confuse the two conditions and outlines the consequences that may arise from such a comparison.




Video #4: Are Some People More Susceptible to Developing Bronchiectasis?

In the video, Dr. Seifer discusses the genetic and external factors that play a vital role in the likelihood of a patient developing bronchiectasis.





Video #5: How is Bronchiectasis Diagnosed?

In this video, Dr. Seifer discusses how he approaches diagnosing bronchiectasis. He focuses on the importance of diagnosing bronchiectasis correctly to ensure patients are prescribed the appropriate therapy to clear their airways and manage their symptoms.





Video #6: How Do I Talk to My Doctor About Bronchiectasis?

If you think you may be experiencing bronchiectasis-related symptoms, this video is filled with the education and encouragement you need to start a conversation with your physician. From learning how to describe your symptoms to becoming an advocate for yourself, you’ll find the resources you need to seek proper diagnosis and treatment.




Video #7: What Is the Recommended Treatment for Bronchiectasis?

Airway clearance is an effective form of treatment for bronchiectasis. Dr. Seifer walks patients through the need for high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy and explains how it works to reduce inflammation and infection.




To watch the entire video series and find more video resources on bronchiectasis, visit the SmartVest YouTube channel. If you have questions about HFCWO therapy and would like to learn about the SmartVest Airway Clearance System and how it works to reduce the cycle of chronic lung infections, contact us today!