The SmartVest® SV2100 System for inpatient HFCWO

Stand_Vest_Wrap_GroupRidding a hospital patient’s lungs of retained mucus is critical to rapid and long-term recovery. That’s especially true when the patient is in a post-surgical or intensive care unit, or was admitted for a lung infection brought on by compromised airway clearance.

Today, hospitalists and directors of respiratory care increasingly value high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO), also known as high frequency chest compression (HFCC), as their therapy of choice for treating compromised airway clearance in acute care settings. Once chest physiotherapy (CPT) was the standard of care for external chest manipulation. Today HFCWO — owing to its therapeutic consistency and effectiveness, plus potential cost advantages — routinely complements, and even supplants, manual CPT for inpatient treatment of impaired airway clearance.

Electromed, Inc., the pioneer of truly portable in-home HFCWO, provides an inpatient system expressly designed to help hospital staffs speed patient recovery by providing therapeutically effective, cost-effective therapy. And when patients with chronically impaired airway clearance are safe for discharge, there’s an easy transition to the SmartVest System for in-home treatment.

Ergonomic comfort, inpatient efficiencies

Electromed listened closely to medical professionals in designing the SmartVest SV2100 System for effective, efficient inpatient treatment. Features include:

  • Only single-hose design among leading HFCWO devices, eliminating ergonomic challenges patients and hospital staff can experience with tangled hoses.
  • Disposable, single-patient-use SmartVest garment and SmartVest Wrap® support infection control requirements.
  • Reversible SmartVest Wrap, for ease of therapy delivery from either side of a patient’s bed.
  • Bottom-up compression, making the SmartVest SV2100 System ideal for a patient with a Port-A-Cath or G-tube — even patients who are post lung transplant.
  • Multiple sizes to fit full-term newborns to large adults.
  • Ultra-quiet generator, to help patients rest, even sleep, during therapy.
  • Six-wheel generator pedestal, providing exceptional stability and mobility while occupying minimal space.

HFCWO options for inpatient use

The SmartVest SV2100 System for inpatient care is available in two single-patient-use styles:

  • SmartVest Airway Clearance System for single-patient use. Adjustable shoulder and abdomen straps for custom fit. Velcro®-like closures for ease of donning, removing and adjusting. Available in eight chest sizes, from 16 inches (41 cm) to 52 inches (132 cm), with an extender available for adding up to 14 inches (36 cm) of chest circumference to adult-size garments.
  • SmartVest Wrap for single-patient use. Reversible design for easy-on, easy-off from either side of a bed. Six chest sizes from 17 inches (43 cm) to 66 inches (168 cm).

To learn more about equipping your facility with the SmartVest SV2100 System for inpatient HFCWO therapy, call 800-462-1045 or 952-758-9299.