Making a Difference in Airway Clearance: A SmartVest Success Story

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We never tire of hearing SmartVest users share their own personal experiences of how our airway clearance system is making an impact in their quality of life. Of course, we can always share clinical studies of how our device helps reduce bronchiectasis-related exacerbations that require hospitalization, or how it helps decrease antibiotic usage and stabilize lung function [1]. 

The data is all there. But when it comes to understanding how SmartVest changes lives and helps individuals get back to living independently of their chronic lung condition, we let our users do the talking!

After all, lung diseases like bronchiectasis or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) are individual conditions. This means everyone will experience them differently, so everyone has a different story to share. 

What’s most interesting about talking to SmartVest users, before and after they’re prescribed high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy, is simply this:

Although they’re dealing with chronic symptoms that make breathing more difficult, what truly burdens them is not being able to live life the way they want to.

Woman reads a book while using her SmartVestYou might remember Connie’s story about how she couldn’t sing and read in church, due to her chronic coughing. This activity was something she was passionate about, yet she was unable to do so because of her condition. 

Connie not only got her confidence back, but she got her voice back, too. She joked that her friends used to move when she sat down, due to her constant coughing, but this only hints to the fact that Connie felt like an outsider to her peers. After using SmartVest, she was able to resume the life she wanted to live—not letting her condition interfere with her passions any longer. 

And of course we remember Ted, who got his stride back at 77 years old. Ted went from not being able to stand and talk at the same time, due to difficulty breathing, to walking up to 3 miles a day and a goal of 6 miles on cooler days.

Joyce’s SmartVest Story

Today, we have the privilege of sharing another SmartVest success story. This one comes from Joyce, who lives in Baltimore, M.D.

After doing some research on bronchiectasis, and how to help manage its symptoms, Joyce saw our SmartVest resources pop on on her search engine results page. We’ll let her tell the rest!

“I have never been a smoker, but my husband was and smoked inside our home for years. In 2017, I had pneumonia for 9 of the 12 months of the year, and I was becoming desperate to find something that would help keep myself out of the hospital and give me a break from prednisone! 

I asked my pulmonologist, and she wrote me a prescription for SmartVest. After that, a registered respiratory therapist helped me get set up, so I could start using SmartVest right away. 

He spent time explaining every facet of the device and helped me set up the program my doctor had prescribed. This included how often and how many times a day to use the device. 

My SmartVest has been a huge factor in helping me stay well and stay at more acceptable oxygen saturation rates. Once my therapy session ends, within half an hour, [I’m getting rid of mucus build-up]. 

I also perform my nebulizer treatments at the same time, as they are compatible. I have been so grateful my insurance is paying for my use of SmartVest. I also love that I got to choose which color I wanted. Since I’m from Baltimore, I ordered my SmartVest in royal purple—my home team’s (The Ravens) color. So, I’m always in style! 

I cannot recommend this product highly enough for doing exactly what it is advertised to do. Thanks, SmartVest, for improving my quality of life!” 

Are you a SmartVest user? Share your story with us!

Is SmartVest Right for You?

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[1] Powner J, Nesmith A, Kirkpatrick DP, Nichols JK, Bermingham B, Solomon GM. Employment of an algorithm of care including chest physiotherapy results in reduced hospitalizations and stability of lung function in bronchiectasis. BMC Pulm Med. 2019;19(1):82. Published 2019 Apr 25.