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Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Raising COPD and Bronchiectasis Awareness

American actor, author, film director, and songwriter Leonard Nimoy, best known for playing Mr. Spock in the film and TV series Star Trek, was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) a year before his passing in 2015. To help honor his legacy and spread awareness about this chronic lung condition, Nimoy’s family continuously host annual screenings of their film Remembering Leonard Nimoy to help advance studies for COPD and bronchiectasis research. Electromed is honored to take part in these upcoming screenings to help spread awareness.

Leonard Nimoy with Julie

About Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Produced and directed by his daughter Julie Nimoy and son-in-law David Knight, the film is a documentary that honors the late Star Trek actor’s life, career, and struggle with COPD and emphysema. Screenings of the film are held each year to help spread awareness and to join researchers, medical experts, and fellow community members to help celebrate the life and legacy of Leonard Nimoy. Guests will hear from a round table panel of experts about new advancements in respiratory medicine, and a special keynote speaker. Dinner will be served alongside a special screening of the film.

A Community Focused on Airway Clearance

Electromed is honored to participate in this year’s Remembering Leonard Nimoy event. As a leading developer and manufacturer of high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy devices, our mission is to help patients find relief from their chronic pulmonary symptoms and make life’s most important moments possible, one breath at a time.

We strive to be an invaluable resource for patients and their loved ones living with COPD and bronchiectasis through industry news updates, clinical studies, and collaborations with community organizations. Find support for your chronic condition and learn more about the benefits of SmartVest for effective airway clearance using the resources below.