Meet Your Electromed Team Member: Kelly Case, Authorization & Benefits Lead

At Electromed, one of our top differentiators is our customer-focused reimbursement process, coupled with our lifetime support for each SmartVest user. After your clinician prescribes you our high frequency chest wall oscillation therapy (HFCWO) device, you’ll receive a personal call from your dedicated Patient Care Team Member to walk you through the following steps:


Medical History & Documentation Submission


Customization of SmartVest


Registered Respiratory Therapist Visit


Respiratory Vest Reimbursement



Kelly Case, Electromed’s Authorization and Benefits Lead, is one team member who works alongside your dedicated Patient Care Team Member to ensure you feel confident about the reimbursement process, spend less time worrying about costs, and more time feeling like yourself again. 

Get to know Kelly better with a special Q&A about her important role at Electromed! 


Q: How long have you worked for Electromed’s Reimbursement Team?

Kelly: I’ve been a member of Electromed’s reimbursement team for almost 12 years, specializing in insurance authorization and benefits. Prior to that, I worked many years in customer service. I joined Electromed because I like what the company offers patients: an amazing medical device that helps improve lives, one breath at a time. Electromed is filled with real people from a small town who care about making a difference in others’ lives. I’m also a part of that mission!

Q: How does your team help simplify the insurance process for patients and their health care providers?

Kelly: Each patient has a single reimbursement specialist who works on their individual case. We’re all regionalized, so we know the ins and outs of the insurance process no matter what state you live in. We also understand which documents our Customer Support Liaison (CSL) team need to obtain for authorization, saving both you and your health care team time and frustration. 

For more in-depth insurance questions, my team will happily hop on a call with you and your dedicated Patient Care Team Member to address any concerns and further explain the process. We pride ourselves on being the biggest advocates for patients and will do everything we can to get a positive outcome with your insurance provider on your behalf. 

Q: What guidance would you give someone who is interested in talking to their doctor about SmartVest but first wants to determine their insurance coverage?

Kelly: I would suggest reaching out to your clinician’s office or calling our patient services line to speak with a representative. Our team will get you in touch with one of six authorization and benefit specialists to determine coverage for you, as well as walk you through the reimbursement process, so you have all the resources and facts you need to feel empowered.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working directly with patients or on their behalf?

Kelly: I enjoy being an advocate for patients between their insurance provider and doctor. My team already knows the benefits of using SmartVest for a respiratory condition, and sometimes, it’s just a matter of demonstrating these facts to your insurance provider to help them understand the medical necessity behind it.

It feels good knowing we did everything we could for our patients. Some insurances may not be as easy to work with as others, but our authorization and benefit team has more than 40 years combined experience, so we’ll go at your insurance carrier with everything we’ve got!

Q: What feedback have you received from patients or clinicians about the benefits of working with Electromed’s Reimbursement Support Team?

Kelly: Having one point of contact for reimbursement support is what really sets us apart. It’s our goal to make the whole process easy from new prescription referrals to billing. Time and again, we receive a heartfelt “thank you” for helping patients get the SmartVest approved quickly and efficiently. What motivates us everyday is our patients’ wellness. Knowing that we can make such a huge difference in how they live their lives is our biggest reward, and why I love coming to work every day.


Discover a Smart Difference to Airway Clearance

If you’d like to find out more about SmartVest, request an informational packet today to find helpful resources and clinical information on bronchiectasis, its symptoms, and SmartVest’s effective airway clearance treatment.

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