A Simpler, Easier Approach to HFCWO Therapy

A Valuable Extension
of Your Care Team

Discover an easier, streamlined solution. As an extension of your care team, Electromed helps you provide the best care possible by making the patient documentation process for high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy simple and efficient.

Why Partner with Electromed?

Get support quickly with a prescription process that reduces friction in the office and supports your care team to get the job done.

In addition to reducing paperwork, our SmartVest team will also coordinate the reimbursement process on your patients’ behalf. To get started, simply download and complete the SmartVest Airway Clearance System prescription form and we’ll guide you through the rest.

Doctor and Patient

“The design, the implementation, and the company
philosophy: my favorite choice has been the SmartVest!”

~ Dr. Carla Rotering

Getting Your Patients SmartVest Therapy

Working with an Electromed customer support liaison, you and your care team will benefit from our on-call support team available to provide guidance and care to your clinic, throughout your patients’ SmartVest journeys.

Number One

Reimbursement Support

We coordinate all documentation and insurance communication to help simplify the prescription process for your care team and patients.

Number Two

In-Home Support

After receiving SmartVest, a licensed medical professional will visit your patient’s home and demonstrate proper vest use and maintenance.

Number Three

Lifetime Support

Our people-first philosophy allows us to stand behind every SmartVest with a lifetime warranty and 365 days a year of dedicated support for your patients.

Try SmartVest at Your Clinic.

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A Simple Solution to Patient Care

As more patients begin to experience an overlap of bronchiectasis and COPD symptoms, hospital readmissions continue to rise. By partnering with Electromed, your continuum of care program will benefit from our streamlined HFCWO therapy prescription process while patients are still in the hospital. Patients will receive their vests and training immediately following a bronchiectasis diagnosis to help improve lung stability and reduce rehospitalizations. Submit the form below to access to our Continuum of Care Guide.

Save Time and Simplify Your Process with SmartVest

In addition to enhancing your patients’ airway clearance therapy, SmartVest partners with your care team saving them time and energy on prescription paperwork and patient follow-up. We’ll help your patients stay on track with their HFCWO treatment at home and on the go providing patient training, ongoing support, and expert guidance.

Prescription Process

Expert Training for

Guidance with

Ongoing Patient

Proven Outcomes in Treating Bronchiectasis

In a first-of-its-kind, independent study, analyzing the effectiveness of HFCWO therapy as part of a treatment algorithm, early initiation of SmartVest proved effective in significantly reducing hospitalizations and stabilized key lung function parameters

Proven Effective

There’s an Easier Way to Prescribe HFCWO

Experience the benefits of partnering with SmartVest first hand. We’ll work with your healthcare team to help support your HFCWO therapy prescription process and ensure your patients receive personalized support throughout their SmartVest journey.

Contact our Clinician Support Team at (800) 462-1045 to learn how you can help improve your patients’ quality of life.


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