The SmartVest Connect Mobile App is Now Available!

A patient using the SmartVest Connect app during HFCWO treatmentOn March 10th, Electromed rolled out its first-ever SmartVest Connect mobile app. Available for download through the App Store and Google Play, SmartVest Connect will allow you to take a proactive step in managing your high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy. Using BluetoothTM technology, the mobile app securely connects your SmartVest to your online portal, where you can set therapy reminder notifications, track performance, and monitor your daily SmartVest Score. 

The SmartVest Connect app on mobile and desktop

What is SmartVest Connect?

SmartVest Connect allows patients to track and monitor their HFCWO therapy sessions and share updates with their healthcare teams. With the introduction of the SmartVest Connect mobile app, you can now enjoy monitoring your therapy directly from your smartphone, desktop, or tablet device. 


Benefits of SmartVest Connect

  • Better Collaboration Between Patients & Healthcare Teams: Share notes and progress updates with your clinician. 
  • More Ways to Stay Proactive with Your HFCWO Therapy: Manage your HFCWO therapy on your schedule and from anywhere with Bluetooth technology.
  • Improved Patient Adherence: Take a proactive role in your therapy sessions. Compare session history, take notes, and use emoticons to rate how you are feeling after each session.

The SmartVest HFCWO vest and generator

How Can I Sign Up for SmartVest Connect?

Currently using SmartVest Connect? If you’re already enjoying the benefits of SmartVest SQL with wireless technology, the new app for iOS and Android lets you use Bluetooth to connect SmartVest with your mobile device. Getting connected is easy. To get started:

  1. Find the App Store on your iPhone or Google Play on your Android device. 
  2. Type “SmartVest Connect” into your search bar.
  3. Install the app onto your smart device.
  4. Log into your account with your SmartVest Connect email and password.
  5. If you don’t yet have login information, please call our patient care team at 888.966.2525 and we will be happy to help setup your account and  answer any questions. 

New to SmartVest? Get started by talking with your care team. Request an informational packet!


Track Your HFCWO Therapy On the Go!

Looking for a simple, effective way to track your HFCWO therapy

To learn more about the exciting features you can access with SmartVest Connect or if you’re curious about the benefits of HFCWO therapy for managing bronchiectasis-related symptoms, browse our website or contact Electromed for more details. 

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