Meet Your Electromed Team Member: Mike Sesnan, CRT, Patient Care Advocate

Providing patients with the lifetime support they need for their chronic lung condition is just one of the many responsibilities our Electromed team takes close to heart. In fact, our Patient Care Advocate is your first point of contact before you even begin your SmartVest journey, making it a personal mission to ensure you receive the support, guidance, and education you need to start enjoying the benefits of high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy at home!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Mike Sesnan, our expert Patient Care Advocate, and have him tell you a little bit about his passion for helping patients learn more about airway clearance therapy and how SmartVest will help them experience relief from their chronic lung condition. 

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Q: Can You Give Us an Overview of Your Background in Patient Care? 

Mike: I’ve been a respiratory therapist for 25 years. During that time, I worked in hospitals, home health, medical sales, and other patient care areas. I strongly believe that having the amazing opportunity to work in so many different healthcare settings for such a long period has really helped me become a well-rounded therapist. 


Q: What Made You Want to Join the Electromed Team?

Mike: I came to Electromed to be a patient representative. I really feel that representing, encouraging, and assisting each patient is a very rewarding position to be in, and I feel like it’s one of my strongest suits. 


Q: What Do You Like Most About Working with Electromed as a Patient Care Advocate? 

Mike: Working at Electromed is great! For me, it’s a rewarding job because we get to help so many people breathe easier and live better lives. My patient care advocate role is exciting because I have the opportunity to assist prospective patients and their caregivers with answering questions about SmartVest (such as the benefits of therapy and how SmartVest works) while also providing answers and information for their insurance questions. After they request a patient packet, they can expect a call from either me or one of my teammates to follow up and see if they have any questions or if they need more information. 


Q: What Process Do You Take in Providing Follow-Up Information?

Mike: Knowledge is powerful, which is why I like to make sure both patients and their caregivers have the resources they need to make the best decisions about their health. I like to send them information packets to assist them in learning more about SmartVest, how to get this amazing device that can help improve their quality of life, and so it is something easy and informative to bring to their next doctor appointment.

Q: If Patients are Nervous About Starting Therapy, How Do You Help Alleviate Their Fears? 

Mike: I find that most patients are unfamiliar with the benefits of using HFCWO therapy for airway clearance. But by explaining how effective and easy SmartVest makes their therapy and what they can expect during each session, they begin to relax and feel more comfortable about asking me questions.


Q: What Are Some of Your Favorite Stories from Patients Who Started Using SmartVest

Mike: My top three favorite patient testimonials include: 

  • “The SmartVest has changed my life.” 
  • “I believe the fact that I can go to a 3-hour chorus rehearsal with no oxygen would never have been possible a month ago before the SmartVest!!!”
  • “I use the SmartVest faithfully because I firmly believe it is helping me to get rid of the mucus being made by my deteriorating lungs!” 

I typically hear things like this all the time from patients, and I never tire of it. 


Q: What Advice Would You Give Someone Experiencing Bronchiectasis-Related Symptoms But May Be Unsure How to Talk to Their Clinician about Starting Therapy?

Mike: I would advise this person to take a copy of our SmartVest information packet to their next doctor’s appointment. This resource is full of great information about how SmartVest works, why it’s effective, and how we can partner with your doctor’s care team to help streamline their prescription process. In fact, the packet includes all the forms your clinician needs to fill out and submit to us, so we can step in and help you get your respiratory vest delivered to your door and get you scheduled with your Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) for your first therapy session.


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If you’d like to find out more about SmartVest, request an informational packet today to find helpful resources on bronchiectasis and how SmartVest works to help you breathe easier and live a better life! 

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