Still Wondering If SmartVest Is Right for You?

Older man and woman reviewing SmartVest patient packetWe get it. Change can be tough! So, when it comes time to start a new treatment to help manage your symptoms due to a chronic lung condition, you might wonder: what makes this one different from the others?

At Electromed, we’re in the business of empowering patients to take a proactive role in their treatment plan. That means having access to information on their individual lung condition, clinical resources, and the ability to talk to real people, not machines, so they feel supported throughout their SmartVest journey.

Unparalleled Support Every Step of the Way

Not only do we offer unparalleled support for each SmartVest, you also have the opportunity to talk to our Patient Care Advocate, who is also a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT), to learn if SmartVest could be a good option for you.  








Schedule a time to chat, whether it is before you meet with your doctor, or after, and we’re happy to help get your questions answered! Below are just a few common questions to help get you started in learning more about whether SmartVest is right for you. 

A Quick Note: Although these are the most common questions, we encourage you to reach out to us for any questions, concerns, or feedback you might want to share! Making the best decisions for your treatment begins with having access to all the information and resources you need to feel well-informed and confident. 

Top 3 Questions from SmartVest Users

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Older woman holding SmartVestQ: What is the SmartVest Airway Clearance System? And how is it different?

SmartVest is a high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy device: an inflatable respiratory vest that connects to an air pulse generator. When the machine is turned on, the generator delivers pulses of air to the vest, which gently squeezes and releases the upper chest wall. This helps loosen and thin mucus build up, making it easier to cough up. 

On average, SmartVest releases 91% of its air between compressions, which means more breathing room for you or a loved one during therapy. What this also means is that while performing therapy, you can still enjoy your favorite TV show or video game without feeling constricted. 

But that’s just one SmartVest difference. There are also studies demonstrating improved outcomes in treating bronchiectasis when using SmartVest, including:

  • a significant reduction in bronchiectasis-related exacerbations requiring hospitalization, 
  • reduction in antibiotic use to treat pulmonary infections, and 
  • stability of lung function.

Q: Do I Need a Prescription to Get a SmartVest?

Yes, and the process is simple. Actually, it can be completed in 3 steps:

Talk to MikeStep 1: Get in Touch with our Patient Care Advocate! 

It all starts with a call to start a conversation about SmartVest. When you schedule a time to chat with our Patient Care Advocate, you’ll get answers to your questions and helpful resources, so you become an expert on the subject.

Remember, this is your time to be open and honest to start taking back control of managing your respiratory condition. Not only will you get answers to your questions, but we can send you an informational packet to share with your doctor. This includes more information about your condition, and how SmartVest can help relieve your symptoms and get you back on track with airway clearance therapy.

Step 2: Talk to Your Doctor

With your patient packet in hand, the next step is scheduling an appointment with your doctor to talk about your symptoms. Make sure to bring your packet with you, so you can share the information and help navigate the discussion. If you need help finding a doctor in your area, we can help with that too! Learn about all the advantages of choosing SmartVest, including:

  • Reimbursement Help – Our team will work with you to streamline the reimbursement process with your insurance company, which means you and your doctor spend less time on the phone. 
  • Patient Training – Once you receive your SmartVest, an RRT will train you at your home to help you learn how to use your therapy.
  • SmartVest Connect – Track therapy, monitor daily performance, and stay connected to your healthcare team with our easy-to-use app, available for download on Google Play and the App Store. 
  • Lifetime Support – When you join the Electromed family, you’re getting lifetime support on your respiratory vest. That means whenever you have a question, our team is on call and ready to help!

Step 3: Get a Prescription

After sharing the information packet with your doctor, you’ll be happy to discover that we include patient prescription forms right inside each packet. When it comes time to prescribe airway clearance treatment, your doctor will already have the information there to make the right decision for you! 

And because our team takes care of the reimbursement process, all your doctor has to do is complete the prescription form and fax it to (866) 758-5077. Your doctor can also e-prescribe your SmartVest prescription via DocuSign. Just have your doctor contact us to learn more about that option. 

Once the prescription is received, we’ll take care of the rest and get your vest delivered to your door and your personalized training session scheduled on your calendar.

Q: How does someone know if they’re living with bronchiectasis?

The only way to know for sure is through a HRCT scan. This will allow your doctor to get a 3-D rendering of your lungs to check for signs of bronchiectasis. Early detection and intervention is the best defense against irreversible lung damage, so if you notice any of the following symptoms, you’ll want to start talking to your doctor:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Tightness of chest
  • Wheezing
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Recurring respiratory infection/inflammation 

Our website offers a host of helpful tips and resources to help you learn more about bronchiectasis symptoms, as well as other respiratory conditions like COPD. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to stay connected and browse our support resources for more information. 

Schedule a Time to Talk!

We hope you find this information helpful and that it inspires you to get in touch. Schedule a time or call directly at 952.758.0849

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