Choosing SmartVest for Cystic Fibrosis Vest Therapy

At 10 days old, Parker was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Her family was crushed and spent the next year learning about the disease and which treatment options were available. To help manage Parker’s cystic fibrosis, her family performed manual Chest Physiotherapy Therapy (CPT), a process that involves a therapist or caregiver manually clapping on a patient’s chest wall—several times a day using various positions—to help move mucus into the larger airways.

However, the manual CPT became increasingly difficult and inconsistent with a squirmy baby, and as a result, Parker had numerous respiratory infections. It became clear to her family that a chest compression vest for cystic fibrosis would be a more effective therapy for baby Parker.

“Her medical team told us that her insurance would not typically approve the vest until she turned two,” says Parker’s mom, Kristen. “We told them to ask anyway, and within days, a rep from SmartVest called me, and we were on our way to better treatment.”

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Not only did the insurance approve Parker’s SmartVest Airway Clearance System, but just days after she turned one, Parker’s respiratory vest had arrived.

Kristin recalls, “It took some getting used to, mostly because getting a toddler to sit still for any length of time is a challenge itself! We are almost five months into our SmartVest treatments, and the difference is amazing. We haven’t had any respiratory infections, and she hasn’t had to be on antibiotics. I know that she is getting the best possible treatment and prevention possible.”

“Thank you, SmartVest, for finding a way to treat patients big and small. I know that we will have more tomorrows because of what SmartVest does for Parker!”  -Kristin

Read more success stories like Parker’s or share your story about why you trust the SmartVest Airway Clearance System for HFCWO therapy.

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