Top 10 SmartVest Blogs for Clinicians & Healthcare Teams

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Though we always strive to provide patients living with bronchiectasis, and other serious lung conditions, helpful resources to take an active role in managing their chronic symptoms, we also work to support healthcare teams across the country. From our simple SmartVest prescription process to our patient training program—paired with lifetime support for all SmartVest users—we aim to be an extension of your healthcare team. 

Just as we have created quality blog posts to support patients throughout their SmartVest journey, we’ve also spent time creating articles for healthcare professionals.

Top 10 SmartVest Blogs

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 top blog posts that provide clinicians with the resources they need to make the best decisions about their patients’ airway clearance treatment.


1. Diagnosing Bronchiectasis: Benefits of HRCT ScanningDoctor diagnosing patient during HRCT scan

Bronchiectasis shares similarities with COPD, but for clinicians to get a clearer picture of each patient’s individual lung condition, a high resolution computerized tomography (HRCT) scan is the clear method to identify bronchiectasis. This post explores what an HRCT scan is and why it provides an accurate diagnosis of bronchiectasis vs. other lung tests.


2. How to Help Patients Outsmart BronchiectasisHusband and wife; man wearing SmartVest

Our goal is to help healthcare professionals provide patients with symptom relief from their chronic lung conditions. This post focuses on sharing information on what bronchiectasis is and how patients can manage their symptoms to help reduce recurring infections that may require hospitalization.


3. Are You Prescribing Effective Airway Clearance Therapy?Hands of doctor on laptop.

Patients living with bronchiectasis can experience symptoms that range from chronic cough and breathlessness to recurring respiratory infections. This post highlights why high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy offers an effective solution for airway clearance. SmartVest, in particular, is helpful in breaking the cycle of recurring symptoms.


4. New Waiver Expands Medicare CoverageGraphic icon of SmartVest prescription.

In 2020, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) provided more flexibility for physicians to prescribe HFCWO therapy to Medicare beneficiaries with expanded coverage and minimum documentation requirements. This also meant that clinicians were no longer required to assess a patient’s condition face-to-face. This post shares information on the new waiver and how Electromed can help simplify the prescription process.


5. How to Prescribe SmartVest TherapyDoctor prescribing SmartVest

In addition to providing effective airway clearance therapy, one of our key differentiators is our simple prescription and reimbursement process. Our goal is to help healthcare teams save time and prepare their patients for HFCWO therapy at home. This blog walks clinicians through our easy process for prescribing SmartVest. We also provide a helpful FAQs section and infographic for clinicians to download and share with their teams.


6. SmartVest Users: A Clinician’s PerspectiveIllustration of clinicians

Many clinicians have prescribed The SmartVest Airway Clearance System for years to their patients due to its proven ability to effectively reduce exacerbations and improve patient outcomes.[1] This post includes a collection of clinician success stories with patients after they started using SmartVest to manage their chronic symptoms. 


7. Benefits of Using SmartVest in a Hospital SettingGraphic icon of hospital

Hospitals that incorporate SmartVest into their continuum of care program can benefit from a streamlined solution that is designed to provide better inpatient care and prepare patients for treatment at home. This post explores Electromed’s unparalleled commitment to customer care, and how our support team is here to help your healthcare team (and patients) throughout the entire SmartVest journey.


8. Improve Inpatient Care with SmartVestDoctor checking patients lungs in hospital

If your hospital is struggling to save costs and to avoid losing money on penalties from COPD readmissions, the issue may be a result of bronchiectasis prevalence in your COPD patients. This post highlights many of the benefits of using HFCWO therapy in your inpatient care program.


9. Treating Bronchiectasis: New Independent StudyDoctor looking at chart.

When you hear good news, it’s hard not to share it! In this blog post, we informed our readers that BMC Pulmonary Medicine, a peer-reviewed medical journal, published a first-of-its-kind, independent study that analyzed the effectiveness of HFCWO therapy via the SmartVest Airway Clearance System in treating bronchiectasis. This post breaks down the findings and explores what this means for patients in need of airway clearance therapy.


10. Questions About Bronchiectasis? Ask a PulmonologistDr. Frederic Seifer

Renowned pulmonologist, Dr. Frederic Seifer, sat down with us to talk about how patients can find effective airway clearance treatments to manage their symptoms, the similarities between COPD and bronchiectasis, and why bronchiectasis is often overlooked. 


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[1]  Powner, J, et al. Employment of Algorithms of Care Including Chest Physiotherapy Results in Reduced Hospitalizations and Stability of Lung Function in Bronchiectasis. BMC Pulmonary Medicine, BioMed Central. 25 Apr. 2019.

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