Military vets and compromised airway clearance

Military veterans are among the people most often challenged by diseases and conditions that can cause compromised airway clearance. A typical therapeutic regimen — prescription drugs, chest physiotherapy, cough-assist accessories, special coughing techniques and positions — often is insufficient to help veterans and other government-insured patients consistently and adequately clear their airways.

That means government insurers — including in the United States the Veterans Health Administration (VA), Medicare and Medicaid — are mission-driven to identify more effective and cost-effective therapeutic alternatives.

HFCWO: A difference-making therapy

High frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO), also known as high frequency chest compression (HFCC), administers rapid chest compressions that loosen, thin and mobilize retained bronchial mucus, so it can be more readily coughed or suctioned away. Numerous clinical studies document HFCWO’s efficacy and benefits — including reductions in clinic visits, hospital re-admissions, length of hospital stays and long-term antibiotic prescriptions.

A clear difference in HFCWO devices

Therapy adherence ultimately determines the effectiveness of any therapy. Electromed, Inc., designed its SmartVest® Airway Clearance System with special features, unique among leading HFCWO devices, to promote consistent therapy adherence by maximizing ergonomic comfort and lifestyle convenience.

Electromed is classified as a small-business contractor for U.S. and state government purchasing. In addition, Electromed holds a General Services Administration contract (V797P-4033B) with the VA. At Veterans Medical Centers across the United States, the SmartVest System by Electromed is routinely prescribed for in-home use, and the SmartVest Wrap® is used to improve airway clearance in inpatient treatment settings.