Electromed’s commitment to customer care

Where and when it matters most, Electromed, Inc. provides the patient service and customer support needed to deliver the difference-making benefits of high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) to people challenged by chronically impaired airway clearance.

Pioneering HFCWO innovation

By concentrating technology innovation on factors that promote long-term, consistent therapy adherence, Electromed offers patients and their medical teams a SmartVest® Airway Clearance System that is unmatched among leading HFCWO devices for ergonomic comfort and treatment convenience, both in-home and inpatient.

Supporting clinicians

Electromed works hand in hand with physicians, respiratory therapists, medical assistants and physicians’ office staffs to provide the information, support and tools they need to stay abreast of the latest research in airway clearance and HFCWO. This helps them to educate their patients about HFCWO therapy and to equip patients with a best-in-class HFCWO device for as long as each patient requires therapy. Electromed also supports ongoing clinical research into causes and treatments of compromised airway clearance, including research into HFCWO’s performance as an effective, cost-effective therapy.

Navigating reimbursement

Electromed’s Reimbursement Team collaborates with government and private payers, clinicians, patients and caregivers to manage the documentation and communication required to obtain HFCWO authorization and reimbursement for a SmartVest System. Our Prescription and Reimbursement center provides the forms necessary to obtain authorization and submit prescriptions — forms expressly designed to promote accuracy and efficiency of information-exchange between clinicians and insurers.

Educating and serving patients

A SmartVest trainer — one of more than 300 medical professionals in our nationwide network — goes in-home to educate each patient and their caregiver(s) on proper use of the SmartVest System and how to gain maximum benefit from HFCWO treatments. When a patient has questions or needs technical support, our Patient Services specialists — each one a respiratory therapist — are available with answers and assistance by phone, 365 days a year, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. CST. After-hours messages are returned first thing the following morning.

Electromed’s commitment to patient care is part of what’s made us the only HFCWO therapy company to receive Home Care Accreditation from The Joint Commission. And with the only lifetime warranty among leading HFCWO devices, Electromed ensures that patients have a SmartVest System as they mature and grow, for as long as they need their difference-making HFCWO therapy.

Is there a difference in HFCWO devices and the support services provided by their manufacturers?

At Electromed we believe the answer is yes. A clear difference. And SmartVest System patients seem to agree.

For more information about the SmartVest System, HFCWO, or any of Electromed’s customer care and support services, contact us today.