When breathing becomes a challenge

When certain diseases and medical conditions make it difficult to cough up mucus from your lungs, breathing becomes hard work. You can’t do many of the activities you enjoy. Your overall health and quality of life suffer. Left untreated, retained mucus can lead to pneumonia and lung scarring, diminished respiratory function and, in some cases, repeat hospitalizations. Fortunately, if you or a loved one suffers from chronic impaired airway clearance, there are effective treatment options.

Airway clearance treatment options

Physicians typically prescribe a combination of prescription drugs, chest physiotherapy (CPT), coughing techniques and cough-assist accessories. If that regimen fails to provide adequate, ongoing relief, there’s another option: high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO).

With HFCWO, you wear a vestlike device that administers high-speed “hugs” to the upper body. Gentle yet powerful “mini coughs” loosen, thin and propel mucus toward major airways, where it can be more readily coughed or suctioned away. Clinical research shows HFCWO to be highly effective at clearing airways of excess mucus, helping reduce infections and hospitalizations that can result when impaired airway clearance is inadequately treated.

A clear difference among HFCWO devices

With a number of high-quality HFCWO devices on the market, you and your medical team will have a choice to make. The SmartVest® Airway Clearance System by Electromed is designed to quickly get you back to the life you enjoy by making HFCWO therapy comfortable, convenient and effective. Patented features help you integrate HFCWO into your daily routine. And the system is so easy to operate, most young children can use it with minimal adult supervision. Read about the clear difference the SmartVest System is making in people’s lives.

Is HFCWO right for you?

Health care coverage for HFCWO therapy varies. Your health plan might specify certain clinical conditions for the use of HFCWO, which can include a requirement that other therapies (e.g., prescription drugs, CPT, coughing techniques) be tried first. Talk to your physician about if and when HFCWO — and the SmartVest System — might be medically appropriate for you or your loved one.

Financial concerns? We are here to help.

At Electromed we understand that healthcare can be costly, and many of our patients have mounting medical bills. It is our goal to take the stress off of you and work with your insurance provider on your behalf. We never want a financial situation to be a barrier for patients who need SmartVest therapy. Our reimbursement specialists act as an advocate to gain reimbursement from your insurance provider and work diligently with your physician(s) to complete all necessary forms.

If you qualify, to help ease the financial burden, we offer financial assistance programs. We will work with you to determine which plan best suits your situation. It is our goal to provide you with comfortable, convenient airway clearance therapy and improve your quality of life.

With the only lifetime warranty among leading HFCWO devices, Electromed ensures that you will have a SmartVest System for as long as you need your difference-making therapy.