The high stakes of airway clearance

Whenever impaired airway clearance causes retained pulmonary secretions and difficulty coughing up mucus, your patient’s health and quality of life are at risk. For patients with certain chronic diseases and conditions, inability to clear mucus not only compromises breathing, it threatens a debilitating decline that can present as recurring lung infections, lung scarring, decreased pulmonary function and increased morbidity.

When basic therapy is not enough

Standard therapy protocols — pharmaceuticals, chest physiotherapy, postural drainage, cough-assist accessories — don’t always adequately clear mucus from the airways. With significant or persistent cases, inpatient or in-home high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) can be the difference-making treatment that returns patients to a more manageable state, and with it an improved quality of life.

HFCWO simultaneously administers therapy to all lobes of the lungs. High-speed chest compressions simulate coughing, helping loosen, thin and propel mucus toward major airways, where it can be more readily expectorated or suctioned. Research demonstrates the efficacy of HFCWO at mobilizing excess mucus, reducing the incidence of exacerbations and controlling health care costs. HFCWO is appropriate for patients with assorted clinical indications.

A clear difference in HFCWO devices

Therapy adherence determines the effectiveness of any therapy, including HFCWO. With multiple HFCWO devices on the market, it pays to compare. Clinicians who prescribe the SmartVest® Airway Clearance System by Electromed value the multiple design features that promote maximum therapy adherence by offering patients superior ergonomic comfort and lifestyle convenience. Electromed, Inc., also provides highly acclaimed in-home patient education via a nationwide network of respiratory therapists. Interviews with pulmonologists, respiratory therapists and satisfied patients show why a growing number of medical professionals recommend the SmartVest System.

Reimbursement support

Prescribing HFCWO is one thing. Obtaining pre-authorizations and reimbursement is sometimes another. Electromed’s experienced clinical area managers, along with a team of reimbursement specialists, are renowned for helping clinicians and patients navigate the requirements and documentation of both public and private payers.

Our Prescription and Reimbursement Center provides the information and forms you and your staff need to prescribe the SmartVest System. Electromed will even handle submitting claims for reimbursement.